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26 Aug 2019

13:38 Digital Enabler Chaos Test #5 .pdf
Results of the Chaos Test session #5 Danilo Trombino

07 Aug 2019

08:09 Dashboard Manager Bug #21 (Rejected): Dataset fields are missing
The dataset should be saved after any change. Danilo Trombino
08:08 Dashboard Manager Bug #25 (Resolved): Dashboard is not visualized
The new version of the dashboard manager(actually in test) fixes this issue Danilo Trombino

05 Aug 2019

12:27 Digital Enabler Chaos test session #5
Today, 05 August 2019 , a planned chaos test session will be executed on the Digital Enabler platform . During this t... Danilo Trombino

01 Jul 2019

10:22 Dashboard Manager Dashboard Manager forum: RE: Chart Widget Configuration doesn't load properly
Hi Antonis,
We've opened a new issue for this problem and we're already working on it.
We will change the status of...
Danilo Trombino

13 May 2019

15:31 Dashboard Manager Dashboard Manager forum: RE: Problem with Charts
Hi Antonis,
I've tried to reproduce the bug and I've actually found the error in the Javascript console but the char...
Danilo Trombino

08 May 2019

15:04 Dashboard Manager Bug #8: Window resizing messes with elements displayed
Hi Vassilis, can you give me some additional information regarding the steps to reproduce the issue?
* Which dataset...
Danilo Trombino

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