Share a mashup with other users

Each mashup project can be developed in a collaborative way.

To share a project with other users, the mashup owner has to go on the Mashup Projects list and click on the title of the mashup. Then select the MEMBERS tab.

Start typing in the textarea the username or the email of the user you want to share your project with.
A list of matching users will be suggested and the user can click on the one he is looking for.

Once a user is selected, his username will appear in the textarea.

A user can be added as member of the Mashup projects only if he belongs to one of the Workgroups of the Mashup owner.

The mashup owner can repeat the previous steps for every user he wants to add as Mashup project member.

In the end, don't forget to click on the button.

The Mashup Project Members CAN only to view and edit on the mashup. They CANNOT delete the mashup, nor start or stop the task mashup (if any) nor edit the Mashup targets.