Send commands

DeMa offers a possibility of sending commands to devices that are registered as "pull" devices, that is devices that can receive commands from server and act on it accordingly. If the user follows filter steps as described in filter devices and gets results as the following.

User should click on details button of device that is registered as a "pull" device (in this case "actuators"), otherwise he/she should create a new pull device as described in device registration. After being redirected to a details view of a "pull" device user needs to click on drop-down menu to get option for sending commands to a device.

After clicking a "SEND COMMAND" button, new popup appears.

On this new popup it can be seen that there is a possibility of sending commands (e.g to a "FAN" of the device). Here user should type the value of the command (e.g. "on") in the input field and click "Send command" button to send typed command to a device.

After clicking "SEND COMMAND" if everything went right, user should see a notification that command has been sent successfully