Landing page

DeMa(IoT Device Manager) is the component of Digital Enabler platform that allow device owner to connect sensors and other IoT devices to the platform. In order to reach this tool from suitcase home page

User needs to scroll down and find "Data discovery & collection" group section, where "Device Manager" is placed and click on it to log in.

After successfully logged in, user will be redirected to the landing page of the IoT Device Manager(DeMa).

Landing page shows:

  • 3 drop-down menus for filtering devices(1,2,3)
  • search button on top for searching through all devices registered on our application (4)
  • drop-down menu option for selection of other parts of our Digital Enabler platform (5)
  • button for internationalization of our application in 4 languages (6)
  • button for managing user account (7)
  • on the left, drop-down menu for device registration (8)
  • buttons for visualization all of our devices" on a map (9)
  • buttons for selection of all devices that appear as a result of filtering devices (10)
  • button to start (11) and stop (12) simulation on selected devices
  • button for deletion of selected devices (13).