Import a datasource from the Data Workspace

Once reached the Datasource registration page, as described in the wiki Register a datasource in the Data Mashup Editor, the user can import a datasource into the Data Mashup Editor from the Data Workspace. To do so it's necessary to select the tab named Import from CDW.

The other two tabs are reserved for manually define the datasource specification or import a datasource from an external descriptor, then we will ignore them in this guide.

The page shows a simple search bar, ready for receiving the keyword to search for.
Nearby the search bar there is also a drop-down menu that allows the user to choose the Data Workspace instance where he wants to perform the search (currently only the default instance is available).

The user can type-in the keyword (e.g. water) and then he can click on button.

After few seconds, the results will appear in a list.

The results that can be imported in the Data Mashup editor are only the ones containing CSV, XML-based or JSON resources. The other ones, although they appear in the result list, are marked with a . This means that the datasource cannot be imported.

Each row of the results list is a single dataset with, embedded, the list of the corresponding resources.

The user can import it as datasource in his own workspace by clicking on the button.

After the click the import button will change color into green and in the datasource list the new datasource is now available.