Http request case

In HTTP case, considering the example where user will send HTTP request if noise level in Antwerp gets over 1000, after EPL rule and rule name being filled in as described in Add new rule, user needs to choose "Send HTTP request" from "Action" drop-down menu

After this step is done few new input fields will appear that user needs to fill, like URL endpoint which will be requested when noise level in Antwerp becomes over 1000, headers, etc...

In this case HTTP method that will be used is POST, URL endpoint on which we are going to do POST request is, and headers will be JSON type

At the bottom of the page, some tips and links help the user to create the rule.

After input fields being filled as shown in the previous picture user can click on "Send rule" button to finally send the rule, after which he will be redirected to a page where he can see that his rule has been successfully created.