HTTP protocol is set as a default transport protocol when user opens a page for creating a new device, which could be seen in device registration, along with "JSON" as a data format. As example, here we will insert "testHTTP" as a name of our device.

If user try to assign "SIGFOX" as data format with "HTTP" protocol by clicking on drop-down data format menu as shown in the following picture

Popup with error message will appear, informing user that this data format is not coherent with selected protocol

User needs to pick adequate data format for HTTP protocol, which is only "UL2.0" along with the "JSON" data format, other data formats from drop-down menu are not compatible with "HTTP" protocol

Now user can continue creating its device by choosing "HTTP" protocol with either "UL2.0" or "JSON" data format, and proceed with steps as described in device registration