Filter devices

As a part of landing home page, user can filter existing devices with choosing proper Enabler, Context and Category respectively from 3 select menus available.

The first select menu Enabler offers 3 choices that can be selected "City", "Facility" or "Farm", independently or in a combination with others.

After selecting some option (e.g. "City"), it is necessary to click somewhere on page (as example somewhere on blank part of the page) in order to get selected Enabler option initialized.

On second select menu Context it is necessary to choose some of the options available (e.g. "IoT Devices") in order to get some devices displayed on page.

After choosing one or more options available from Context menu(in this case "IoT Devices"), third Category menu gets automatically filled with selected options(in this case "Environment" and "Mobility") and as a final result all of 3 menus being filled with choices, our page gets populated with existing devices according to choices that user has selected.

To get all these devices shown on map, user needs to click on "Visualize devices on a map" button.