Device registration

One of the main features of DeMa(Device Manager) is registering a new device. To do that, while starting from landing page, user needs to click on the drop-down menu "ADD" that is positioned on the left side of landing page

On opened drop-down menu user should click on "DEVICE" button

After this step user will be redirected to a page for new device registration

Here user can choose which Enabler, Context and Category filter combination this device should belong to. "City" enabler is picked by default, but user can change it based on his preferences. For example here user will leave default option for Enabler and select "Test" option for Context drop-down menu.

As Enabler and Context have been selected, Category drop-down menu get automatically filled with "Environment" option, which can be changed based on user requirements.

Now when new device has its Enabler, Context and Category filter combination filled, we should give a name to our device (e.g. "testWiki") in the input field labeled as "Device name". After input of a device name is done, input field should change its color to a green indicating that chosen name is valid.

Protocol over which our new device will send data and data format are filled with default values as "HTTP" and "JSON" respectively, as more words about this is written in protocols article, so we will leave this as default options for this example. Also our device can be in "push"(device sends measures), or "pull"(device receives updates) mode, but here it will be left as default "push" option, as more about it will be said in Push mode and Pull mode articles. Devices are required to have at least one attribute and can have multiple attributes, so to add an attribute to the device user needs to click on the button with sign "+" in align with "Device attributes" label as shown in the picture

After clicking on button new window will pop up, with input fields for name of the attribute and it's type. Here we will add 'status' attribute of type 'text'

After confirming device name and type with button "Add", new attribute should appear under "Device attributes" label

Next step is adding a mashup to the new device, as Mashup data model offers us already predefined data models. To get displayed some options proposed user needs to start typing inside the input field words of which data model this device should use (e.g. WeatherStation model)

After picking desired mashup data model (e.g. WeatherStationDemo) user should click on Add("+") button to confirm its choice.

If desired mashup data model is properly confirmed user should see it added as following

Last configuration step is to choose position of new device. It can be fixed position where user enter coordinates of its device, or mobile where device will use its GPS location that will be added as an attribute to this device. In this example we will use fixed position, and we will pick city of Palermo by searching for it on "search" button that is placed on Map window

After search feature found municipality of Palermo, user should click with mouse on exact position where he wants his device to be located. Finally, only thing left is to save this device clicking on "Save" button

If device is successfully published and registered on DeMa user should see a popup window about it