Custom simulation

With custom simulation user can choose the interval of simulation and the delay of it. To do so, similar as in case of Standard simulation, user needs to navigate a filter combination where is his device of interest, in this case device is "actuator" that gets displayed with filter navigation Enabler -> City , Context -> IoT devices and Category -> Environment, Issues, Waste. Now user should click on device details, in this case device details on "actuator"

After device details being displayed user needs to click on "settings" button of particular device attribute, in order to configure the simulation with default values of that attribute.

New popup will appear with options for custom simulation

Here user can insert attribute value range and simulation delay execution. For attribute value range here we will use "on", "pause" and "off" and remove default ones ("text1", "text2", "text3"). User needs to insert "off" as an example and press "Enter" on keyboard to add this value in value range.

Now user should configure simulation delay to 30 seconds(middle of range slider), which means that values between and including already set up value range will be sent every 30 seconds and press start in order to start a simulation.

If simulation started, now values "on", "pause" and "off" will be send, but what's important to know is that this values will be sent in random order, so it can be sent as "on", "on", "off", "pause".